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Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant

An addiction during pregnancy can assume alarming proportions because the consequences of a relapse can leave permanent damages on the baby.

Heavy drinking during pregnancy can result in health problems for the baby that can continue to affect him or her even after many years. The liver of a baby in the womb is not equipped to process alcohol like the liver of a grown-up person. Among the preventable causes of congenital defects, disabilities, and health problems in the UK, taking alcohol and drugs during pregnancy is ranked number one. There's no consensus among doctors on how much alcohol is safe during pregnancy. Majority of expecting mothers shun alcohol completely to be on the safe side.

Any alcohol consumed by the pregnant mother during the pregnancy enters the bloodstream and is capable of reaching the baby.

Unfortunately, most women who are struggling with an alcohol addiction during their pregnancy are unable to give up on the habit despite their understanding of the potentially harmful nature of the addiction. Women who are addicted and pregnant should be looking forward to getting assistance immediately.

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Getting To Know What Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Is

Babies with foetal alcohol syndrome are often found with abnormal facial features and develop mood and attention disorders as they grow older. Due to the variables involved in the study, there are no conclusive findings on how alcohol impacts the child during pregnancy.

Foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD for short) is an umbrella term given to every disorder arising from prenatal exposure to alcohol. Some of these effect are not severe.

These disorders include

  • Microcephaly
  • Problems with the heart and the spinal cord
  • Being extremely short
  • Lower than normal body weight
  • Mental Impairment or retardation
  • Vision and hearing defects
  • Mood, attention, or anger disorders
  • Slow and even delayed physiological development
  • Heart, kidney or bone-related problems

Alcohol Misuse While Pregnancy

A majority of doctors believe using alcohol in any amount by an expectant mother is unsafe. Severe cases of FASD can be linked to the excessive consumption of alcohol by the mother during her pregnancy.

The amount of 0.08% blood alcohol is considered is categorized under binge drinking which can be translated to 4 shots/drinks in a span of two hours. A womb-to-tomb health disorder can develop in the baby if the mother consumes alcohol during pregnancy.

Data suggests that 1 percent of women drink and 0.5 percent of women indulge in binge drinking during pregnancy.

Women Who Drink During Pregnancy Stats

It can be concluded that there are underlying issues for pregnant women who are suffering alcoholism. Pregnancy and substance abuse do not go together well. Careful intervention is the call of the hour in case of alcohol addiction in pregnant women.

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