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Addiction And The LGBT Community

LGBT community has alarmingly higher numbers of substance abuse and addiction that any other group. Co-occurring disorders, discrimination and pressure from society are some of the possible triggers that push this group to drug use. Members of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) community come across several difficulties that have lead to a great rate of dependence. LGBT specific healing bases are very sensitive to the requirements of that community and quickly tackle any basic issues that may have lead to dependence. This can be crucial for the rehabilitation process.

While 9 percent of the general population suffers from substance abuse, it's estimated that it affects between 20-30 percent of the LGBT community.

Difficulties The LGBT Unit Comes Across

Other people do not depend on addictive substances like them.

Those who identify as heterosexual typically don't face the same societal obstacles as those who are LGBT.

Alcohol or drugs are often used as a way to self medicate for LGBT individuals due to the stigmatization and judgement the face in society every day. Depression, anger, anxiety, and fear can all be numbed temporarily with these substances.

Some of these obstacles are

  • Being stigmatized or discriminated against due to identifying as LGBT
  • Public embarrassment, threats, scorn, or more severe hate crimes
  • Desertion or dishonour from blood relations or friends when you come out
  • Work-related discrimination
  • Self-hatred or internalized homophobia

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Co Occurring Disorders That Are Common Among LGBT

LGBT community members are frequently forced to live their lives hiding their true nature, which is a situation that might cause internal friction. They lead a life of pretence in order to prevent the negative response they will receive from people. Psychological or emotional disorders and illness can come as a consequence of mental suffering that is a big part of hiding your true nature.

Some of the common emotional and psychological disorders in the LGBT community are

  • Dejection
  • General anxiety disorder
  • Elevated stress
  • They may inflict self-injury on themselves or kill themselves

LGBT community members might also face physical or health problems that are connected to their sexuality, which adds to the society obstacles they have to overcome. These may as well add to their dependence and they include

  • Uncontrollable sexual behaviour
  • Sexual disorder
  • Anxiety related to sex or HIV
  • Physical attacks and sexual abuse

There may also be mental or sexual disorders co-occurring with people identifying as LGBT that can lead to or feed into this abuse. Emphasis should be on tackling any co-occurring problems when you are thinking about the best treatment alternative for a member of LGBT community in order to have the best possibility of long-lasting results in rehabilitation.

Drugs Chosen By The LGBT Community

There are five most commonly abused substances within the LGBT community, even though many other can be as addictive as these.

  • Tobacco
  • Tobacco use among LGBT community members is up to 200 higher than with straight individuals.
  • Alcohol
  • Their addiction to alcohol is between average to serious in about 20 to 25% of the group.
  • Marijuana
  • Heterosexual men are 3.5 times less prone to marijuana than men who are gay.
  • Amphetamines
  • Gay and heterosexual people use Amphetamines 12.2 more times compared to straight people.
  • Heroin
  • Members of the LGBT community are 9 and a half times more prone to Heroin use when compared to heterosexual individuals.

LGBT Treatment Centres

A key reason why LGBT individuals are resistant to acquire assistance is due to lack of resources present to them that take care of their personal requirements.

The challenges that LGBT members face and the negative consequences of rejection are the main problems that some recovery centres are out to address.

Rehab facilities that specialize with LGBT treatment can identify co-occurring mental disorders and this contributes to a full and permanent recovery. Going back to the drug is possible if what triggers it are not addressed.

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The challenging situations that are responsible for the reliance as well as the number of LGBTs that are addicted to one substance or the order give people much to think about.

You will never be the odd one but belong to the greater percentage of users if you seek the assistance of rehab centres that cater to LGBTs.

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