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NHS Or Private Rehab?

Private Facility

Most people prefer private residential rehab treatment for individual privacy and confidentiality. In most cases, admission can be performed within a day. You will be able to access private rehab treatment if you have the funds to pay privately or if you have private health insurance. There is as well a possibility that you get an NHS admission to a private rehabilitation centre.

What Are Prerequisites For Applying For Rehab Funding With The NHS?

UK residents are entitled to benefit from free addiction treatment programs through licensed community based NHS rehab or private residential recovery centres across the country with the right equipment. To qualify for NHS funding at a residential rehabilitation centre you'll possible have to provide evidence that you have tried to get in local community-based treatment options first. Residential rehab session is only dependent upon willingness of your area addiction group to finance your treatment. It takes many weeks even months.

Get referral to the nearest alcohol and drug action team from your GP.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Private rehab

  • Relaxed treatment plan
  • Admission speed - sometimes as fast as 24 hours;
  • All treatment on one site union of care and day by day schedule;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Patients have similar staff members taking care of them during treatment period.
  • Addicts will be able to concentrate on their recovery thanks to treatment taking place in secure surroundings away from concerns and temptations;
  • The helpful group gives solid bonds advisors and different patients that guide recovery;
  • Sometimes, facilities to make phone calls/receive letter, family visiting times and visiting accommodation are provided.
  • Art therapy, equine therapy, fitness, gym and other correlative therapies are usually available;
  • Aftercare programme;
  • Costs more than NHS rehab treatment program.
  • Not included in health insurance cover.

NHS rehab

  • Free of cost;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Anyone can apply;
  • Located close to home and family in the local community.
  • Time-consuming admission procedure;
  • Might not be referred to residential treatment;
  • Different treatments may be done at different clinics and centres;
  • Recovery might be damaged by everyday problems and substance accessibility;
  • There is a limited access to the personal specialist
  • Patients are not entitled to similar therapist/staff care during treatment program period;
  • Building vibrant outpatient network is difficult but not impossible to achieve;

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NHS Alternative Cross Border Treatment

Results are not certain and the process of managing admission to a private treatment centre via UK NHS or local dependency services can take multiple weeks. But it is easy related to above case to achieve quick access to finance through EU cross border healthcare directives.

Alcohol Rehab Wakefield website can provide additional information to UK residents that want to try this alternative.