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The record of deaths resulting from accidents involving at least one drunk driver in the UK in 2013 was between 220 and 260. In all these, the record of deaths was more than 240. Despite these figures looking extremely high, it has been observed that accidents which involved drink driving have reduced largely over the last 35 years.

From 1979 to 2012, the number of fatalities and severe injuries went down by three-fourths when it came to drunk driving.

What Is The Legal Limit Within Which You Can Drink And Drive In Wales And England At Wakefield

Within England and Wales, drivers are not allowed to exceed the limit of 80 mg of alcohol for every 100 mL of blood 35 microgrammes for 100 mL of breath and 107 mg for every 100 mL of urine.

In other European nations, the limit has been set at 50 mg for every 100 mL of blood.

What Is The Drink Driving Limit In Scotland Visit Wakefield

There is a difference between the drink driving limit in Scotland and other parts of the UK. The limit of 50mg/100ml of blood was set in December 2014. Only 22 micrograms per 100mg of breadth was the acceptable limit for the drivers.

The bid to make the Scottish roads safe, save human lives and also to be in line with what is obtainable in other European nations is the reason given by the government of Scotland for altering their drink drive limit.

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If I Want To Stay Within The Limit How Much Alcohol Can I Consume Visit Wakefield

You can't take a shortcut in this matter. Each individual's limit is different in regards to how much alcohol they can consume to say they have exceed the limit.

Factors that affect this include

  • The pace at which energy is used up in your body, how old you are, how much you weigh, and your gender
  • The quantity and kind of alcohol being consumed
  • What has been recently eaten
  • How stressed you are at the time

The best thing to do while driving is to avoid drinking, because you never know what causes the accident, so better safe than sorry.

How Alcohol Affects Driving Visit Wakefield

Alcohol has an effect on many of the functions required to drive safely.

  • The eye delays in sending data to the brain
  • It becomes a struggle just to process data
  • Reaction speed is much lower since transmission of messages to the muscles is also slower

You can experience blurred and double vision, this affects the drivers ability to visualise things normally. You are potentially likely to get involved in taking dangerous risks because you are encouraged to act on urges which you would normally repress.

When I Am Drunk And Operating A Vehicle How Will They Test Me Visit Wakefield Fore Details

If you plan of controlling a vehicle, the best advice is to stay clear of any alcoholic beverages, not even a sip, since that can still comprise your driving ability.

Performing a breath test is the easiest way for the police to ascertain whether you have exceeded the drink driving limit. The device that is used to check the drinking limit is called breathalyzer.

If you do not pass this test or if the police have other grounds to believe that, your driving was impaired because of alcohol you could be taken to the police station for further testing with a final breath test. A more sophisticated breathalyser is used for the second test and you're supposed to provide two specimens of your breath.

These tools help them judge whether you are under the normal limit or not.

You are entitled to the blood or urine test options if you have an evidential breath sample that reads up to 40%, depending on the one preferred by the police officer. You will be charged for driving over the limit if the evidentiary samples can prove it.

If you're involved in an accident or committed an offence such as making a wrong turn or passing a red light or given the authorities any reason to suspect you may be under the influence, a breath test may be carried out.

The police officers are permitted to establish drink driving check points during the festive periods like New Year's Eve and Christmas days and also to stop any vehicle they deem suspicious.

If I'm Caught Driving Under The Influence What'S The Punishment

You will be pay a fine of '5,000, and banned from driving for 12 months if you are convicted of drunk driving. Somewhere between 3 and eleven penalty points may be given. A six month prison sentence is also possible. If your drinking limit and involvement in accidents and other violations is high, then, you will be charged with all of the punishments mentioned above. The person will suffer from severe punishment if he gets caught more than once for exceeding drinking limit in 10 years time period.

How To Ensure You Do Dot Drink And Drive Visit Wakefield

  • Within the group of friends you have, you should be appointing one individual to be the designated driver.
  • That person who will not participate in alcohol consumption when you hang out with your friends in order to drive the others home safely is named the designated driver.
  • If you live in places, which have access to adequate public transport facilities you should be taking advantage of them.
  • Ensure that you have the phone numbers of cab drivers if you intend to stay out past the times public forms of transportation stop operating, such as buses, tubes, or trains.
  • Or you could just consume regular soft drinks, non-alcoholic beers, or moctails when you have no choice but to operate a vehicle that night.
  • There is no need to spend every night drinking alcohol; rather you can enjoy your time by either using alcohol free drinks or by wandering the town.